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Louisville District installs fee machines at Green River Area lakes

Louisville District
Published March 16, 2021
Automated Fee Stations

Automated Fee Stations

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District has installed automated fee machines at many of the recreation areas in the Green River Area, which includes Rough, Nolin, Barren, and Green River Lakes in Kentucky. Starting April 1, 2021, these areas will no longer accept cash as payment. The automated fee machines accept payments for day-use passes and/or annual passes by credit card only. These automated machines will not be installed in any areas where fees were not previously collected—only the method of collecting fees is changing.

The following areas will be converted to automated machines:

Rough River Lake
North Fork
Laurel Branch
Cave Creek

Nolin River Lake
Dog Creek
Iberia will no longer charge day use fees.

Barren River Lake
Port Oliver
The Narrows
Beaver Creek
Baily’s Point, Peninsula and the Quarry Road beach will still continue to collect cash through an honor vault.

Green River Lake
Holmes Bend
Smith Ridge
Site 1
Pikes Ridge will continue collecting cash at the honor vault or credit card payments at the
campground tollhouse.

The automated fee machines will increase efficiency and allow for improved tracking of fee collections, decreased costs of managing collections, safer collection process (no cash), and reduced theft and vandalism. Visitors who wish to purchase a pass using cash or personal check can still do so at each lake’s Corps of Engineers’ office.

For more information visit:


Katie Newton
(502) 315-6773

Release no. 21-005

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